Reduce your cost
by 20% NOW!

Reduce your cost by 20% NOW!
The driver's seat


Put yourself in the driver's seat from your web browser. AlgoPlanner will continuously recalculate the remainder of every route, once in motion.
Early warning


Win more time to act and re-act... The frequent updates and re-calculations, will buy you reaction time that might be vital to you.


When using AlgoPlanner, you will experience a solution with distinct attention to this matter. You will experience an extraordinary intuitively appealling set set of tools, enabling you to quickly and easily make adjustments.
Dynamic routing


AlgoPlanner offer both full and partial dynamic routing. Finding the best set of routes across a whole range of vehicles - and this is where the real savings are to be found.

AlgoPlanner will change the way you do business

AlgoPlanner is the all-in-one solution for route planning the multiple routes for multiple vehicles.

There are no maybes - you WILL save resources when you apply better mathematics and a lot of computer power. The question is: "How much?" - We say up to 20%.

Let's say, you pay 1 Euro per kilometer including salary and fuel and your vehicle covers 300 kilometers per day - 25 days per month. Just 5% savings equals EUR 4.500 per year per vehicle!

The resources you save, will pay for your AlgoPlanner solution many times over!

AlgoPlanner will continuously perform a vast number of calculations for you. in monitors all your vehicles' movements. As a result of this, you will be able to see the real performance and cost of drivers, your customers per zone, per day etc...

One of the popular BI views in AlgoPlanner, is the cost and CO2 consumption per stop, per customer per day, week and month.

See our calculation example, that will illustrate the distribution of cost per location. If you deploy AlgoPlanner, this will all be done automatically for you.

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